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Fri at 16:13
Thx for adding some days to the site px!
Fri at 19:18
Fri at 19:24
JUL 15 WED 06:00 PM Arrive in Portland, OR (PDX) JUL 19 SUN 04:15 PM Depart Portland, OR (PDX)
Fri at 19:24
Fri at 21:42
Fri at 22:53
. . .
Fri at 23:19
...and the rest of Templar's itinerary...
Fri at 23:20
Arrive Redmond/Bend (RDM) 8:33 pm Wed, Jul 15
Fri at 23:21
Can you afford $200 to get all the way to Bend or do I have to send Maliak to Portland to pick you up PX?
Fri at 23:40
omg right
Sat at 1:08
wow templar.. who gives a shit if your landing in portland if that's not your final destionation
Sat at 1:53
Alaska Airlines Portland PDX 7:55pm Redmond RDM 8:33pm
Sat at 1:53
probably the same flight.. gonna sit next to you and make it the worst 38 minutes of your life!
Sat at 3:05
WOOHOO! Yup, that's the same flight.
Sat at 3:05
And don't blame Templar, I booked that flight for him late last night.
Sat at 3:39
When is he leaving
Sat at 9:00
Haha, I dont know whether to look forward to these worst 38 minutes or not! Make sure you wear a bright pink hat Px so i know its you!
17 hours ago
check this out if your bore https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26UA578yQ5g
17 hours ago
you make me sick lav
17 hours ago
Fuck the fucking fuckers
17 hours ago
how is your 1999 AOL going Lav?
16 hours ago
It's the 2003 version. Now it's run on Dog
12 hours ago
updated site per masta cifu's wishes
11 hours ago
Looking sweet!
11 hours ago
Sup Cifu...
8 hours ago
8 hours ago
you guys doin EQ2?
8 hours ago
Sounds fun
4 hours ago
Yeah, cant wait!
17 mins ago
yea, should be pretty good.
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