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Sun at 8:30
World/Server First Including Shirtless?
Sun at 10:04
Not sure if im gettting server's messed up, But anyone have contact with Kayah / Tesla / Azure Song / Infinite?
Sun at 10:18
There are some people that talk to azuresong still, sometimes he comes by teamspeak.
17 hours ago
16 hours ago
Azuresong says he's tempted but doesn't really have time. We'll have to work on him. :sick:
12 hours ago
I'm interested in checking out the original EQ2 hotness, but will have to see how much time I can give it.
4 hours ago
It seems everyone's time has become consumed with RL. Guess it comes with time. I will also be balancing RL time and game time. Very different from when I could sit and play for a long time.
34 mins ago
I have yet to see any new info on the TLE beta servers, anyone know if they are still planning on launching the beta tomorrow / tonight?
31 mins ago
Yeah I was hoping to see some announcement by now, just gotta keep waiting.
24 mins ago
Actually Kander just posted :"Same as Beta, select Beta on live patcher. It will require Membership to make a character on the Beta TLE servers."
23 mins ago
He didn't say there was any delay in beta launch so seems like the timetable is still accurate
22 mins ago
i may be blind, but i dont see an option for beta on patcher. I know somepeople stated they have already started the download.
22 mins ago
nm, i found it
17 mins ago
I haven't tried yet. Is the option there?
17 mins ago
yeah, you can preload some of it but then it tells you that your account doesnt have the privileges to play on that server
17 mins ago
any word on how long beta will be?
16 mins ago
top left of patcher, change it from US English to Beta
16 mins ago
They havent really said much about the duration of the beta
13 mins ago
ok. gonna wait till payday to start sub didnt want to miss out if beta gonna be short
5 mins ago
I hope beta isn't long. It's an old game and we are all hyped but if beta drags it's going to lose them subs when the server actually launches
4 mins ago
I hope we see a solid launch date after 2 or 3 weeks of beta.
4 mins ago
yea ill be jumping in beta on the 15th so i hope for a week or so in beta haha
4 mins ago
4 mins ago
Ideally it should be less than a month in my opinion, they already have a working tested game, they just need to stress test the servers and work out some small bugs
2 mins ago
What's going to be funny is when they do something stupid like delaying the launch due to the amount of ppl bitching on how they want Isle of refuge. Lol
Just now
I get the whole nostalgia thing. But I don't care enough for Isle of refuge as much as the overwhelming vocal majority
Just now
that would be a very stupid reason, seriously how long do you actually spend on isle of refuge? hour, 2 tops?
Just now
Just now
But damn there are like hundreds of post on the subject.
Just now
So dumb
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