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Wed at 20:11
Wed at 20:12
You're gross.
Wed at 20:27
Gross... Groady
Thu at 23:40
Fri at 0:33
Fri at 1:53
Glad they went with deathtoll
Fri at 9:26
Who went to Deathtoll?
Fri at 9:56
I voted deathtoll
Fri at 13:02
Yep so did I. I was thinking about wraath drunken deathtoll raid when I voted for it heh
Sat at 4:02
Sat at 4:02
Sat at 5:23
uh I just loaded into nagafen
Sat at 5:23
so much nostalgia
Sat at 5:23
could not be more excited
17 hours ago
I have returned from Camping.
17 hours ago
Welcome back!
16 hours ago
Practicing your Aggro holding skills in the woods?
16 hours ago
16 hours ago
actually I was practicing drinking
15 hours ago
It wasn't camping so much as Falling Down a Lot in the Woods.
15 hours ago
I only fell like 5 or 6 times from varying heights onto my face, back, you name it. Camping is dangerous
15 hours ago
I only fell twice, but I'm somehow completely covered in bruises.
15 hours ago
And I happened to be standing in the lake, fully clothed, when I executed my second fall, so that was dramatic.
15 hours ago
Hi guys! Wowzers, long time no talk!
14 hours ago
Did you both happen to go camping at the "Indoor Sky Diving Park"?
14 hours ago
Was Dabbling Through old E-mails Looking for our past: Msg'd Windia / Kejissa / Zakiria..... We Must find BlackCat & JeffMalone!
12 hours ago
You can leave JeffMalone off the invite list.. thanks
9 hours ago
World/Server First Including Shirtless?
7 hours ago
Not sure if im gettting server's messed up, But anyone have contact with Kayah / Tesla / Azure Song / Infinite?
7 hours ago
There are some people that talk to azuresong still, sometimes he comes by teamspeak.
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