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Thu at 4:00
Forming: ColdTooth level 39 x2.. Thundering Steppes
Fri at 13:23
Damn internet went out last night :(
Fri at 18:23
Damn the interwebz
Fri at 18:58
That's cool man. Just build up that vit.
Fri at 21:48
templarknight are you around?
Fri at 22:44
Sat at 3:32
blah internet crashed omw back in
Sat at 18:51
loading back in
Sat at 20:41
Anyone alive
Sat at 20:41
Sat at 20:45
Figured I would check in from Kuwait before you fucks think I died or something
Sat at 21:12
Yo Warchild Good to hear from ya, excited to get grouped when ya get home.
Sun at 0:36
Oh shit your alive?
Sun at 0:36
We had an in game funeral for you
Sun at 0:36
Sun at 0:57
Yo! anyone watch the Ronda Rousey vs. Bethe Correia fight tonight?
Sun at 8:29
No, but heard it intense
Sun at 11:35
yeah! she beat Correia in 34 seconds
Sun at 18:51
Healer disconnect otw in
Sun at 20:54
As a a huh out of the heat finally
Mon at 10:15
anyone online?
Mon at 17:17
Ah Mondays.. How I dislike thee
Mon at 17:42
Yeah man f that
Mon at 22:26
Templarknight are you around?
Mon at 22:35
21 hours ago
Rumor my power went out
18 hours ago
Grass spodos!
18 hours ago
Grats too!
13 hours ago
Thank you!
13 hours ago
I'll take the grass whenever you're ready
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