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Sun at 20:33
Im about to switch over, might wait til late tonight though
Mon at 8:48
I still need access to the EQ2 forum too
Mon at 11:11
you should have it now
Mon at 11:16
being back at work sucks
Mon at 11:19
Yep it does, I still got 1 more week of vacation before I have to work
Mon at 11:34
So those guys that got banned the other day were exile so they could go into BGs and sell gear for plats apparently
Mon at 11:34
I think they were doing some other fishy stuff too
Mon at 11:51
I have changed the roster a little bit and will be cleaning it up over the next couple days, but if everyone can please update your level on the roster
Mon at 13:40
so what all did I miss last night, I basically fell unconscious and hibernated all of yesterday
Mon at 15:16
you missed the grind
Mon at 15:16
sweet sweet exp
Mon at 15:56
ugh... I still have 15 levels of that bullshit left lol
Mon at 17:27
I still have levels of bullshit before I can say I have 15 levels of bullshit left lol, feelsbadman
Mon at 17:27
still have 15 levels*
Mon at 18:27
Tue at 2:59
eq2 live?
Tue at 9:03
more like eq2 life
Tue at 14:13
Game changing update today.
Tue at 14:13
'Enabled Appearance Slots'
Tue at 14:30
they are adding it in?
Tue at 14:32
"Fixed a bug with Rare Provisioner food granting multiple attribute bonuses." - Nooooooooo! lol
Tue at 14:55
lol, my plum cake was just made more undelicious
Tue at 14:59
Tue at 18:01
I never liked your plum cake anyway!
Wed at 1:41
my plum cake brought all the freeps to the yard.
10 hours ago
Yo! I'm Exile to Qeynos can anyone hook me up with 1g so I can finish the quest
10 hours ago
how do you suppose someone would do that?
10 hours ago
dunno have to be a evil align also I guess
10 hours ago
it would have to be an exile
8 hours ago
Forming: ColdTooth level 39 x2.. Thundering Steppes
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